Do you want to know if your smartphone is intercepted?
We give you the possibility to do it directly from home remotely.

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All you need is just an order number from our site and an active Internet connection on your smartphone and we will check remotely (+100 Euro), or you can send us your smartphone by DHL express, FedEx or UPS.

We are experts in spy software and various monitor software’s.

After our examination if something is present on your phone we will provide you all the information and after having discussed this with you we will take the next step for removing the monitoring application.

As you know the monitor/spy software’s on the market are many and we have developed our method to find out if your smartphone has been modified or remotely controlled on iPhone and all Android devices.

Our certification is 100% secure and we can issue certification of what has been proven at the time of reclamation. We specify; however, the certification can be issued only if the assessment will be performed by us.

With this certification you can used this as evidence in every legal tribunal and when we are asked to present ourselves we will and can declare our examination, cost may be asked.

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