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Do you want to make sure that all places you visit and where your meetings take place are free of unwanted eavesdropping equipment, hidden cameras or any form of espionage, then we can help you. We have many years of practical experience in this field.

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There is no other company that offers this service to both the business and the home market. Our range of counter espionage equipment is very advanced and meets the highest standard. We also offer the same service for all kind of cars and boats. It happens regularly that cars are followed by undesired GPS/GSM transmitters, those are hidden in your vehicle. When we check a vehicle, we can guarantee that after this check your vehicle is free of GPS/GSM transmitters.

Auto examination
Monitor eavesdropping equipment and GPS channels.
The tracing of GPS transmitters and eavesdropping devices witch are hidden in a car is difficult to find yourself if you do not have the right equipment and do not have a special training education.
There is detection equipment for sale, but our experience shows that detecting signal transmitters requires an accurate approach.

Professional car research by Leander.Tech
Leander.Tech and his professionals can examine your car on listening devices, if the vehicle is picked up again with us, you can be sure that there is no eavesdropping equipment at that moment and that it is also clean from GPS transmitters.
Leander.Tech only works with the right tracking equipment and we declare that our equipment is even better than the government agency used to control the vehicle fleet.
Our S.E.O.L detection equipment including non linear juntion detectors, thermal imagers and spectrum analyzers is what we use for this is in our humble opinion the best available today in the market.

How does Leander.Tech work?
After you have make an appointment with us, we ask you to come over by without any obligation to schedule a definite appointment and look together with you which form of control is best suiteble for you and your vehicle.

Leander.Tech uses roughly three packages on vehicle control;

Package 1) First line non linear juntion detection duration of the research 3 hours, target price for a middle class car € 750, – ex. VAT

Package 2) Second line non linear juntion detection and spectrum annalyze and thermal imaging inspection duration of the study 6 hours, target price for a middle class car € 950, – ex. VAT

Package 3) Second line non linear juntion detection and spectrum annalyze and thermal image inspection wiring harness control dashboard panel read away inspection de-assembly where necessary duration of the research 1 day, target price for a middle class car € 1250, – ex. VAT


A fee of 0.19 cent will be added for each kilometer at your place

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Sweep Service

Package 1, Package 2, Package 3

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