What I've done

& is worth to mention

For over 10 years we’ve worked with organisations around Belgium and across the globe. Our clients span the very largest global companies, down to non-profits and local government. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and the unique depth of knowledge it has allowed us to to build, for the benefit of future clients.

We want to know all about you and your business – on all levels of your organization. And your target audience. We want to know them better than you already did, because we are going to step-up your game. Together.

To make this happen we’ll meet, get exited, listen carefully, say the right things and definitely some wrong things. Share our experiences, make assumptions, point those out, learn and slowly become the target audience ourselves.

Contextual design & development
We’re very aware of the context of the product or service we are collaborating on. This is shared by everyone at Bolden and reflects in Sketch, Principle and InVision prototypes and strongly continues by coding in such way that your digital product is an absolute bliss to use – for you and your customers.

After successfully launching our collaboration, we’ll be keeping our ear to the ground and optimise were needed – staying on top of our game.

We create our digital products in WordPress for one-of-a-kind custom experiences, built for growth, speed and safety and supported by top-end agencies worldwide.

Our e-commerce projects are created on the Woocommerce PRO, all based on your requirements of course.

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