Implementation regarding our mission in the world of IT management goes beyond the standard packages offered by any other compotators.
We dare to say this is our vision and does not end with standard ICT Security, ICT Infra or Cloud Solutions.
We go a step further with our Corporate Service Solutions, we determine your needs on a strategic level.
Together with you, we will translate these needs to an operational level also includes cybercrime.
Cyber security is always a complex issue, there are few IT administrators who have the skills and resources to secure the client and at the same time run their business processes without problems and delays.


TAS combines multiple factors with advanced end-point security. Monitoring, with the ICT monitoring we monitor all business-critical components and network protocols.
Ransomware online filtering, no hard or software to install on location, no additional modifications to the current infrastructure, suitable for every company.
Secure Sockets Layer, issue certificates, manage between browser and server so that confidential data cannot just be intercepted.


Hosting, is offered at a fixed amount per month.
VPS is provided including backup, server monitoring and management.
Online Backup, the data is stored in multiple places at that moment outside your organisation on a protected place.
Co-location, fully managed by us, with co-location is a cost-effective and safe environment for hardware and software with complete monitoring.
LE Intelligence BVBA office centre.


SSL VPN infrastructure technology.
Our application makes it possible to log in securely from any location on the company network and secure access to the data available to him or hers.
Wi-Fi, Secure and balanced wireless infrastructure application, three options are possible, Open, Office or Secure module.


We translate your wish into a functional and user-friendly website concept with a seamlessly fitting website design.
And not entirely unimportant, at an attractive rate, including management and maintenance.
We can you also help find the rights SEO for your website.
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Mobile telephony, telephony services, mobile telephony solutions.
Full administrative management of all subscriptions also control the agreements made and their use.
VOIP, hosted telephony solution using innovative telephone exchanges, which are stationed in well-secured data-centre.
Communication for business, safe communication with everyone, anywhere, at any location


Our team of Ethical hackers are professionals who knows, recognizes and uses the thinking and working method of the hacker to secure systems and networks.
After identifying the weaknesses within your network, our team uses the skills to secure your organization.
With us, malicious hackers, sniffers and phishers are at the wrong address.
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